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Kathmandu is the capital and largest metropolitan city of Nepal. Issues of drainage management have been a major problem in Kathmandu valley. The sewage and septic of most house is directly being drained into the rivers. Most of Kathmandu’s septic tanks do not function properly. In the absence of separate sewage systems, several households have connected their sanitary sewers into the storm drains, polluting the rivers. Bagmati, Bishnumati, Dhobikhola etc are being polluted due to ineffective management of sewage. For the developing country like Nepal, problem in sewage and septic is rampant. Wastewater treatment facilities are very limited. If the rate of disposal of this sewage goes on with this present situation then it will be very hard for all inhabitants of the city. The problem has been further intensified by immense increase in population of urban areas which ultimately increases the problem. To contribute for the management of the sewage system in Kathmandu, the Sahar Safai Sewa, a public company, has been established in Gaurighat -8 Kathmandu Nepal. Two sewerage tankers are being plying on the road to provide services to the public. The objectives of the company are as follows; 1. To make available septic tank cleaning service to the public. 2. To improve river environment.
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Gaurighat -8, KTM, Nepal
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